We help you get the authorisation you need.

✓ Raw material prospecting

✓ Excavation planning

✓ Approval management

✓ Recultivation

We offer a comprehensive range of services and benefit from many years of experience in the raw materials industry. Our company is here to assist you throughout the development of your deposit sites; from prospecting, to the creation of operational and extraction planning, to decommissioning and recultivation.

Our aim here is to provide holistic project management that can bring well-founded technical and scientific know-how and efficient authorisation management into harmony with one another.

In addition to the interpretation and visualisation of geological and deposit site data, our portfolio also includes the compiling of engineering and hydrogeological reports and - thanks to our excellent network of expert consultants in other fields - the processing of complete authorisation applications including environmental investigations.

Let us advise you.

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