Investigate, record, map.

A scientifically substantiated field survey and the presentation of its results in a clear series of maps is the basis of geoscientific study.

In mapping, we can draw on varied investigation options to record the geological subsurface as well as the overlaying soil layers and the water conditions. In this way we can create a clear and comprehensive picture of the ground in accordance with the most diverse requirements and on the most varying scales.

Our services

  • Geological mapping
  • Pedological mapping
  • Mapping of watercourses and springs
  • Hydrogeological mapping
  • Exploratory drilling
  • Geophysical methods
  • Chemical analysis of rock and soil samples
  • Evaluation of aerial and satellite images, drone flights
  • Drafting of geological maps and profiles as well as related specialised maps
  • Creation of digital landscape models, sectional plans, etc.
  • Use of geoinformation systems (GIS)

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