Contaminated sites

Turning old into new.

Contaminated sites are properties or real estate in which soil or groundwater contamination is present due to the previous usage of the site. Determining such contamination and the associated legal and economic risks requires professional and case-by-case examination and evaluation.

Within the framework of a step-by-step examination concept, we determine the existing hazard potential and carry out an analysis of the soil-human and soil-groundwater or soil-crop dynamics. On the basis of these results, we formulate an appropriate concept for the usage, safeguarding or redevelopment of the sites, in accordance with the German Federal Soil Protection Act and Federal Water Act (BBodSchG, WHG).

Our services:

  • Historical research
  • Research into usage
  • Initial site investigation
  • Detailed investigation
  • Remediation investigation
  • Remediation planning
  • Soil remediation
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Brown field remediation
  • Deconstruction/ Dismantling
  • Health and safety concept (SiGePlan)
  • Health and safety coordinators (SiGeKo)

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