Raw material extraction

Raw materials A-Z

An optimal economical extraction of raw materials requires meticulous overall planning and professional technical supervision.
Project management of quarrying activities in the sand/gravel and natural stone industry is one of our company’s core competencies. Drawing on our extensive experience, we support you from the initial development of deposit sites, to quarrying planning using modelling software, to recultivation and beyond.

Our services:

  • Prospecting deposit sites
  • Mineral exploration
  • Determination of raw materials reserves and their quality
  • Extraction planning for quarries and opencast mines
  • 3D deposit site modelling and quarrying simulation
  • Structural stability of quarry faces and embankments
  • Hydrogeological investigation
  • Mining dewatering measures
  • Modelling of groundwater increase
  • Recultivation and subsequent use
  • Monitoring

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